Lucid Dream Travelling with Pamela Anderson

I’ve been fascinated by Lucid Dreaming for around ten years now.

Simply stated it is the phenomenon of being consciously aware that you are dreaming. My first introduction to this topic was discovering a book in a second hand store by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, the foremost expert in the field. I devoured his now classic seminal work, ‘Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming‘ in one sitting. Being a bit of a sci-fi fantasy nerd, the premise was incredibly interesting to me at the time.

In the book, he discusses the possibility of using your lucid dreams as a playground for the mind. Continue reading

One Hundred Push-Up Challenge

After nine months of backpacking I returned home six weeks ago, the lightest weight I’ve been in years.

The scales showed 188lbs which was none too shabby for someone my height – 1.87 metres (6 ft 1.5). The pounds rolled off quite easily in the last few weeks of my holiday hinting at a six pack underneath that I hadn’t seen since I was an asthmatic, greasy teenager.

Suffice to say, that being back in Ireland again with home comforts and a fairly sedentary lifestyle it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things from a fitness and exercise stance. Continue reading

The Night I Faced an Ecuadorian Firing Squad

6a00d8341c18b253ef010535f668b5970b-500wi‘Squad’ might be a tad generous.

There were, to the best of my memory, only three rifles aimed at us from the high walls that enclosed the palatial home of Alberto Antonio Alvarez Tufillo, Argentina’s Ambassador to Ecuador.

Although the order was barked at us in Spanish, it was pretty clear what they demanded. My buddy and I had been rumbled.

Respective lads in our hands, we had just relieved the contents of our swollen bladders over a delicate arrangement of flowers.  Continue reading

10 Life Lessons From a 10 Year Old – Rediscovering My Childhood Diary

Thumbs up for Donatello

Thumbs Up For Donatello!

Post-Holidays blues are a horrible thing. Almost one month to the day since I returned to Ireland from travelling South America, I’ve been filling my days with practical odds and ends to keep the mild depression at bay.

One of those activities has been to finally clear the attic space in our family home. Years of useless junk has collected there, including my once treasured X-Files memorabilia, a horde of Christmas board games played once and a treasure trove of dolls and toys from our childhood.

An interesting discovery I made was a set of diaries from the early ’90’s that I had completely forgotten about. Continue reading

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Charming Colonial Antigua

Charming Colonial Antigua

My motivation for learning Spanish was pretty straightforward:

  1. I was about to embark on a 9 month backpacking whistle-stop tour of Central and South America, and felt that my experience would be heightened if I could speak some of the lingo.
  2. I wanted to come back from my travels with a newly learnt, practical skill I could use in the real world.
  3. I had heard that meeting local women was next to impossible without knowing at least the basic tenets of Spanish grammar.

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