Pipeline – What I’m Working On

I’ve surprised even myself with how productive and committed I’ve been to the writing process while travelling. The fact that I’ve now completed two books and started a blog with almost 20 entries on this trip has really inspired me to accelerate my efforts and publish more content which I hope will entertain or educate.

When I arrive in Ireland again I’m planning to try and get my first novel off the ground. It is a sci-fi thriller, seven years in the making. I’m really excited about getting it out there and will be using my own background in Sales and Business Development to try and create some noise around it which will be a challenge. It almost feels easier selling a product that isn’t your own. I guess you can take rejection better because you aren’t tied to the product you would be selling.

My second book is a mystery drama and I’ve drawn on a lot of my experience in Sales and importantly the characters I’ve worked with to bring that to life. It’ll probably be available closer to Winter.

The blog will continue to be the platform where I find my voice and the process has been very enjoyable so far. I have a lot of posts planned whch I’m keen to share. Future personal stories and experiences include:

Future Topic Posts include:

Plenty to keep me busy for the coming months, and hopefully I can pick up a few more experiences worth telling on the last 10 days of this trip. Tonight I am entering Brazil from Uruguay. With it being only 3 days to the World Cup, the country will be buzzing with excitement and I can’t wait!

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