Hiatus Over

hiatusSince my last blog post, I’ve been stretched wafer thin with responsibilities for a new job.

As mentioned, I now work for an Inbound Marketing company called Hubspot whose primary goal is to help businesses drive more traffic to their website/blog. The training was intense but incredibly educational and I decided to leverage my own little blog on the Hubspot platform to see if there were any measurable insights re: visitors or hits.

I’ll share those on the next post.

I’ve returned this domain to its original place on wordpress for two main reasons:

  1. The extra portal license of Hubspot we as employees receive would, I feel, be better leveraged for a business. Not a personal blog. To that end, I’m in the process of starting a new business on the side.
  2. I’ve missed the WordPress community

Really looking forward to creating more content again and hopefully leverage some of the Inbound Marketing methodology to grow my following.

After all, if there was no audience, why would we blog?

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