How to Cure a Hangover

I’ve been enjoying a dry January detox so far, giving my body a well earned rest from the food and drinking binge that accompanied the festive period.

My resolve wavered going into this weekend and finding a spare hour after work today I stumbled upon an interesting book by Alan Carr (he of the Stop Smoking fame as opposed to Mr. Chatty) at a second hand bookshop at a discount. Seemed like an interesting premise on the front cover:

No More Hangovers.

My curiosity was peaked. Could this common problem that has baffled countless generations over millennia finally be solved? Well no, actually.

Reading the first pages, my eyes were drawn to the glaring warning centre page:

It is important to read this from front to back without skipping ahead‘.

Damn! I had to part with 4 euro and let the secret reveal itself slowly to me in order. On each page is a short fact or paragraph of information, designed to strengthen your resolve until the final pages where you commit to giving up alcohol forever.

Wait a minute? But I just want to get rid of my hangovers. I don’t want to give up alcohol completely.

Carr suggests that the only way to remove hangovers is to abstain COMPLETELY. 100%. No indecision with this guy.

Hmmm. Felt a bit duped by the title. Putting my scepticism to one side, I found the pocketbook made compelling reading and I devoured it in one sitting. Some interesting points made:

  • Alcohol is a diuretic. It makes you more thirsty. This is the reason we crave/thirst for more beer even after 8 pints. We couldn’t drink 8 pints of water even if we tried.
  • The appealing taste of some flavoured drinks, is not due to the alcohol. Pure alcohol is unpalatable. It is the fruit juice that in the cocktail or mojito that engages the senses. We falsely associate this pleasurable kick to the alcohol.
  • Drinking ISN’T fun. Carr discusses how it is not the drink that creates your happy buzz, but instead it’s the social group and company you find yourself in. In a different context, by drinking alone in a room it would become clear that the alcohol by itself doesn’t create a buzz.

An interesting and provocative read that helps challenge certain well held beliefs about our relationship with alcohol. My personal favourite way to cure a hangover is a pint of ice cold blackcurrant cordial.

Do you have a favourite hangover cure?

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