How To Get More Followers – In Practice (Part 3 of 3)

In my final part I want to share best practices around Keyword placement.

It is important that your posts are not muddled and centre around a specific keyword or phrase that:

a) is in demand, i.e. people are looking for it
b) the likelihood of ranking for it is relatively easy. Please see the previous post for clarity around that.

A clever tool to ensure proper placement of the Keyword on your site or blog page is the Hubspot Blogging tool which operates a traffic code system (red is stop – green is good to go) identifying the SEO impact proper placement would have as well as certain weighting attributed to each checkpoint. This allows there to be no confusion what your page is about when it goes live.

Blogging for money
Hubspot Blogging Tool

You should insert your keywords into:

  • Title of the Blog Post
  • Body content of the post
  • In the page URL.
  • In the Page Title.

Including links in the content of your post is also a nice practice to observe and can help your overall SEO as visitors will engage with other areas of your site and it is a great way to breathe life into older blog posts to make them more relevant again.

Popping the keyword into the metadescription appearing on a search engine is a good way to ensure extra SEO credit, and gives a nice overall summary and can boost your chances of someone clicking on your site if it’s written well.

By tweaking a few small things and aligning the content you create to a specific keyword, it can help generate huge traffic returns.

Drawing more eyes to your site can be easily achieved by leveraging the range of social tools on the market. Every respected business promote their brand through these mediums and it is very easy to do. WordPress do a lot of the heavy lifting for you allowing bloggers to automatically release content to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously as you publish on your blog.

Other mediums worth considering include Reddit, Stumbleupon and Tumblr. Other bloggers have written about these tools ad nauseum so I won’t regurgitate it here. Ultimately you want to be on the channels where your future readers/buyers are so it makes sense to make yourself available where they are, and also to put a human face on some of the content and get across your personality.

Hubspot - generating more followers

I’ve seen it first hand with companies who have changed their blogging strategy on tools like Hubspot and others. Once you have increased numbers, you could get very creative with what you’d like to do with those visitors. That would touch more on the ‘Convert’ piece of the Hubspot Methodology and probably better to tackle that separately on another post.

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