If At First You Don’t Succeed…(Shhh!!!)

rejection thick skin selfpublishingIF THERE’S ONE thing I’ve learnt from a decade of working in Sales, it’s this:

Rejection is inevitable.

What you do with that rejection, is another thing altogether.

Like most aspiring authors I’ve got my fair share of rejection letters from publishers and agents. Nothing new there, but without any valuable, critical feedback it is incredibly difficult to know what you’re doing well and where you’re pissing against the wind.

Friends and family members have a vested interest in your success – they sugar coat their reviews because they know how hard you’ve worked on your germ of an idea. Cheerleading has its place but only when it’s warranted. This is the school of hard knocks though and constructive advice is hugely important.

Many authors, (initially) road-blocked on the traditional route to publishing then decide to give the proverbial two fingers back, and go down the heavily trafficked self-publishing path. First exposure to unbiased critical feedback comes in the way of hiring an editor to perform a copy-edit of your bundle of joy.

rejection letter selfpublishingIt doesn’t matter if you have a new Gucci outfit. If it has ugly creases and wrinkles, an otherwise captive audience isn’t going to notice and instead comment on the downsides. You want those flaws ironed out well in advance before you parade your wares in public.

I’m going to do a five-part series sharing some of my experiences and key takeaways which you can expect to encounter during each phase of bringing your self-published book to market.

These posts will include

  1. Do I Need An Editor? (A Gollum Conversation)
  2. The Good, The Bad and The Edit (Editor Review 1 – Bubblecow)
  3. The Good, The Bad and The Edit (Editor Review 2 – Inkwell Group)
  4. Golden Fleece vs Polishing Turds (Cover Illustrator Review – Design For Writers)
  5. Seed/Birth/Life of a Self-Published Novel

I’ve just completed the Editing and Cover Illustrator steps for Book 1 and 2.

Right after I speak with my therapist and recover from the trauma, I’ll paint a picture of what’s involved (cost/expectations/rating).

Those who have been to my blog before will notice a new widget in the sidebar with a Countdown to my Debut Novel – Pathfinders. In the seven weeks leading up to it’s release, I’ll also share some of the marketing/sales and administration efforts I plan to employ to make the biggest possible splash that this skinny runt can muster.

Hopefully 2016 will be the year that brings with it some fresh new authors to the fore.

I’d love to hear from aspiring writers. Are you planning to launch your first book in 2016?

pathfinders chapter 1

image credit nzentrepreneur.co.nz, writerswrite.co.za

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