PATHFINDERS – Available Now….for FREE

Pathfinders NovelI HATE SHAMELESS self-promotion, even when it is done in jest (Ricky Gervais anyone?).

For that reason, I’ll keep this post short and sweet and you’ll hear nothing more about my novel.

The short of it is, that a decade has elapsed since I wrote the opening chapter of my debut sci-fi/thriller PATHFINDERS. I finally completed it in the Summer of 2015.

I could tell you that it has been a dream of mine since childhood to become a writer, how I invested hundreds of hours into writing/re-writing and polishing the book so that it would be something I could initially share with friends and family.

I could tell you about quitting the rat race to take a punt on this new vocation, emigrating to Colombia on my own – low overheads where I could spend more time fuelling my passion.

I could also tell you about the financial cost to hire editors and proofreaders to ensure my little deformed baby can not only survive, but thrive in a market where competition to be noticed is fierce.

But, instead, I suggest you take a wee gander yourself at the blurb here.

If it tickles your fancy, even remotely, I encourage you to download a digital version. I’m making it available for FREE but for a LIMITED time only. (It’s also available in Paperback for those suddenly flush with cash after payday!)

The links are at the bottom of this post.

Every download counts and impact the rankings on Amazon.

If you’ve followed this blog and derived even a flicker of amusement either from me breaking bones on the World’s Most Dangerous Road, swimming with Sharks in NZ, taking a life changing hallucinogen in Peru, Bungee, Skydive or some of the other random episodes in the last two years which I’ve committed to electronic paper, I’d appreciate your support.

In any case, business as usual beyond March 1st.

Book 2 won’t write itself! 🙂

PATHFINDERS available on:

– Amazon UK (Digital, Paperback)
– Amazon US (Digital, Paperback)

Available in other territories – search Aidan J Reid – Pathfinders

pathfinders chapter 1

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