Ummm…OK…Now What?

6151904410_f5135bce40_zI’VE BEEN IN a weird funk for the past week.

Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning (thanks Ma!), will know that one of the main motivators for its creation was that it would be a vehicle to promote my future books.

Zoom forward almost two years from my original blog post and I’ve fallen in love with blogging; content focusing on a range of topics from backpacking to book reviews, sales to salsa.

I’ve also made many ‘virtual’ friends along the way (and lost a few it must be said – the blog cemetery now chockablock with well intentioned bloggers falling by the wayside from burnout).

This is my third blog.

#1 was a private affair with a friend of mine, where we documented our respective weekends in separate countries – namely our activity at the forefront of the battle lines as we, two single men, tried to woo the fairer sex.

Both in our early twenties at the time, we offered a blow by blow breakdown of venues, interactions and our (lack of) success with chatting up women. The blind leading the blind.

It is painful to look back and read some of the posts now. Critiquing each other, we were entrenched in the burgeoning movement that caught fire in the early 2000’s that was the ‘Pick-Up‘ Industry.

Blog #2 was short-lived and detailed my battle to give up the booze after a decade of abusing it. The quintessential weekend binge drinker – Sober Tooth Tiger (neat name huh?) can still be found here.

This blog, #3 has served its function well. It has helped to drum up some publicity ahead of my book release. In some respects, ‘Mission Accomplished’.

However, I ain’t done yet.

I still enjoy blogging enormously and I have more time than ever to dedicate myself to writing.

I believe, for a self-published author, it’s essential to have an online presence beyond the handles on social media. Fresh content to bridge that gap between future readers and the author. Tweeting an Amazon Book Page DAILY just won’t cut the mustard.

I’ve got some interesting plans for 2016, related to self-publishing. They include:

  • How Twitter Affects Book Sales (from zero to hero?)
  • The Promotional and Marketing Activities I used to Self-Publish Pathfinders
  • The Big Reveal – How Many Books Did I Sell?
  • Using Alternative Social Tools For Publicity and Promotion

I’ve had about a dozen people already ask me how well my book is doing. While their intention is well meaning, I didn’t make a big splash on my launch, mainly because I’m not a traditional published author and therefore have a limited scope and budget!

My own research shows that many self-published books are slow burners. Some burn quicker than others, and I’ve planted a few seeds that haven’t yet germinated, so it’s a case of watch this space for feedback.

The Beautiful Medellin via CC

I’m still based in Medellin, Colombia with a return flight to Ireland scheduled for May 1st. Finances dictate my movements, and I may seek employment in Colombia to prolong my writing career – low overheads and favourable conditions (limonada de Coco under the shade of a Ceiba tree anyone?).

Some hard decisions will need to be made soon.

Despite, my debut novel released only eight days ago, I already have a second in the pipeline for a Summer release. What else do you think I’ve been doing for the past eight months without a ‘regular’ job!

Sigil is on its final edit and the illustrators are working on the cover as we speak, so more about that in due course.

People have asked me, ‘what happens if your book doesn’t sell? What will you do instead?‘ For me, I’ll always write, whether it’s commercially successful or not. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it.

Initial independent reviews for Pathfinders have been encouraging and makes me strive to improve everyday.

Whether those creative juices will still flow in a Corporate office, 9-5 environment, remains to be seen!

Pathfinders is available to buy on Amazon UK, US and other territories in paperback and digital format.

Further reading – Pathfinders (Chapter 1), Goodreads and Mopping UpHow Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish A Book?Voices that Nibble on your Soul

pathfinders chapter 1

image attribution Gaby Av via CC, Ivan Erre Jota via CC

6 thoughts on “Ummm…OK…Now What?

  • You seem to be going through postpartum depression…although a mild case for sure. I received your FIRST book (Pathfinders) in the mail Friday last…and I have now finished it…twice. Yep, you read that right. I am (unfortunately) a speed reader and I zoomed through it the first time..then sat back down after a day to digest it and read slowly……I read nuances I missed the first time. I still say (yes, even after reading the book) that I adore your writing style……..the way in which you use words simply paint pictures…..moving pictures at that! I can not say it is my favorite book of all time, but it is in the top 50 for sure……that may sound awful but it is right up there with Water Like Chocolate and The Reavers. Good company if you ask me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suze, your comment made my day! Thank you so much. My book could have stayed in a drawer for a long time and I was unsure if even one person would have liked it and therefore had reservations about publishing it. Positive feedback like your own means a lot to me. Wish I could speedread! Any tips?

      Liked by 1 person

      • yea….don’t. speedreading only gets you the bare essentials of a book. I learned years ago for an editing job…and it nearly ruined reading for me. Now I generally have to read everything at least twice. it is almost impossible to read slowly the FIRST time…so I have to give it at least a day and then go back to it again.

        Liked by 1 person

  • Hi Aidan. I enjoy our repartee on your blog and enjoy your blog too so keep going! I am about 1/4 through Pathfinders…so far so good! Hope you get something sorted so you don’t have to take the journey home for good…I imagine you’ll be looking to go somewhere else quite quickly if so!

    Liked by 1 person

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