Episode 5 of #Reid2Write – Patrick Hyland of The Irish Introvert talks Comfort Zones, Inspiration and Giving Up Booze

I WAS FORTUNATE to (virtually) meet the next guest of my #Reid2Write interview series. He reached out to me after I commented on a mutual blog that we both followed.

Doing a little digging into his own background, I found an interesting story and one that had parallels with my own journey of self-improvement.

I’m a seeker of original voices, giving people who have a talent for communicating, a platform to reach a wider audience.

While my own platform is relatively small, I think it’s important to shine a light on bloggers/authors/commentators that have valuable insights to share.

My own research into The Irish Introvert, manned by fellow Irishman Patrick Hyland had me nodding my head in agreement. No stranger to stepping outside his comfort zone (Patrick is currently living in Seoul, South Korea where he teaches English), he tries to break down outliers in their respective fields – men and women who dance to a different beat – whether it be best-selling authors or competitive athletes.

So I thought I’d turn the tables and find out a little more about what makes him tick.

Hi Patrick! Can you tell me a little more about your website and what inspired you to start it?

Hi Aidan, thank you for having me on.

Sure, well I guess it all started in February of last year, and strangely enough, the prime catalyst was a decision to lay off the sauce for a while. I made a concious effort to look within, and to make more time for the things that I enjoy. I had always been passionate about writing, and I just wanted to make more time for it. It started as kind of an online journal, where I wrote about my own experiences, shared my thoughts, and reflected upon some significant moments over the years.

As the months have gone by I’ve seen it gradually blossom into something more. One of the main themes we try to target has always been self-development, in any way; exploring and sharing in the passions, motivations, and significant experiences of people. We all have the ability to inspire, and we can all choose to be inspired.

I am a firm believer in that saying, ‘you are a product of your environment‘. I guess I try to create a positive environment, with a focus on personal growth and development, where people from all walks of life are encouraged to share their insights, passions and motivations. I think there is something incredibly special about reading another persons story, which forces you to look within and consider your own journey. Inspiration is incredibly powerful, and I am constantly seeking it out in myself, and in others. The website provides a platform to do just that.

What ‘A-Ha’ moments have you had either in your own quest for personal improvement, or from interviewing others?

There have been a few for sure, I constantly find myself having these moments of realization, or ‘A-Ha’ moments as you put it.

As I’ve interviewed more people- people whom I would consider to be high achievers, and experts in their chosen craft- I’ve seen that there are some common factors at play, as to why these people are where they are. For example; they don’t settle for mediocrity, they are always looking to improve and develop, and most importantly, they are extremely passionate about what they do. It has been really interesting and insightful, and I’m very grateful to have connected with some amazing people.

In my own experience, while on this path of personal development, I’ve found that it is so important to consider the whole. What information are you exposed to? What type of people do you surround yourself with? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating the right foods? Do you find time for yourself, to relax the mind as well as the body? Do you immerse yourself in meaningful work- the work which you simply can’t not do- and do you make time for things that you actually enjoy doing? If not, why not.

The most telling realization for me has been how everything- in mind, body, and soul- is so closely connected.

What’s the biggest leap you’ve made outside your comfort zone and what did you learn?

I would have to say moving to South Korea in 2013. I was living in relative solitude for the majority of my first two years, in a countryside town in the midlands of the peninsula, before I moved to Seoul last summer. I learned a lot about myself during that time as you could imagine, and I went through a great deal of growth.

I began to understand the power of intuition, and I learned to listen to it. I now feel the urge to pursue change, rather than fear it, as a result of taking that initial leap. The growth we experience as a result of breaking free from the shackles of our comfort zones, is something I believe we should all seek out.

Who and what inspires you?

I am inspired by people – people who love what they do and who live passionate lives. People who make you feel enriched after being in their company. People who encourage you to look within, and maybe demand more of yourself.

Do you believe in goal setting and if so, what’s on your 2016 ‘To-Do’ List?

I don’t tend to set measurable goals- consciously at least. I will always strive for improvement. I constantly look to seek out new experiences, learning processes, and methods of progression – physically, mentally, and spiritually – in ways that make me happy and bring me joy. I will continue to try and immerse myself in the work which feeds my soul, and trust that I will find myself along the right path. I’m still learning, it’s a constant process.

In the summer I will be embarking on a new and exciting adventure, but I’d like to keep that one under my hat for the time being.

What are your passions?

As you may have guessed by now, I love writing. I really enjoy the process, particularly the way in which it provides me with an outlet for my inner world. Sport has always been a huge part of my life also, and I owe a great deal to it. I am passionate about progression, and learning.

What prompted you to give up alcohol and what lessons have you learnt?

I realized that I wasn’t gaining anything from that lifestyle, and I didn’t see any benefit of continuing along that self-destructive path. I wanted to take back some control in my life. I wanted to feel better about myself. I wanted to find out more about myself – my true self- because that person was a stranger to me.

I’ve found that I now have a greater awareness of who I am. I am no longer restricted, I am free. I am living, rather than merely existing. Although I may not be able to see the destination, I have direction. I have learned that positive changes yield positive results. I have learned that as we remove negative energy, we begin to attract more positive energy, which makes sense, but we don’t always do it for whatever reason. I’ve learned to have the courage to do what feels right.

Finally, craziest thing you’ve ever done, seen or experienced?

I recently experienced a mystical, mind-expanding regression therapy session, where I traversed backwards in time through my present incarnation.

I was guided to my treasured happy place, before encountering my mother and father as young, single, twenty-somethings. I was hoping to catch them during some act of rebellion, defying their parents in some way, doing something that they had always warned me against, but sadly I was not granted the satisfaction. They did not know me, and did not know why I was there, but I believe I was there to help them.

After returning to the present, I was informed by the Shaman – a beautiful depiction of calm serenity named Jo – that although my energies were well balanced, she sensed a blockage in the second chakra, known as the sacral plexus chakra. It is situated in the lower abdomen, and is the source of creativity and inspiration. Jo sensed that I was holding back, and was perhaps not fulfilling my destiny.

I realise I am holding back somewhat, and am not fully committing to what I know deep down is my calling. I am always learning, and growing, and I will strive to find ways in which I can fully immerse myself in my passion. These things take time I guess, and in time, the right opportunities will present themselves. This life is a constant journey of self-discovery.

Patrick can be found on the following channels:

Website – http://www.theirishintrovert.com/
Twitter – @irishintrovert

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pathfinders chapter 1

image attribution – The Irish Introvert

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