That Difficult Second Book

devil worship sigil second bookThe writing of my first book spanned ten years, finally wrapping up the story in a hostel in Colombia in 2014.

My second book was started and finished within three months, manuscript returned from the editor on December 2015.

A third book was written in my ‘self-unemployed’ window of January – February 2016. In total, three books written to varying degrees of draft readiness, before I had even published the first.

Perhaps a little odd, but when I emigrated to Medellin I did so with the primary objective to work on my stories.

Pathfinders (book 1) was published on March 1st. My thoughts are still very much with it, trying to promote and market it on various channels that are new and foreign to me. Trying to get the message out there. Reviews have been very positive, but trying to get eyes on it remains the big challenge.

However, soon it will have company with the release of book 2 on June 6th 2016. The date – 16.6.6 – is intentional.

While Pathfinders was a science fiction/thriller, my second book is a detective/thriller, very much grounded in this world and touches on satanic elements.

Here is an abstract of SIGIL:

The quaint village of Ballygorm is shocked one bright summer morning by the tragic news that one of their own, a successful young builder and devoted family man has been found dead, hanging in an apparent suicide.

But Parish Priest, Father Tom Regan is sceptical. Inspired by his TV detective hero, Fr Regan uses his twin role as confessional confidante and the village’s religious figurehead to investigate the mysterious death and he suspects foul play.

Piecing the clues together, he finds that his outwardly pious and tight-knit community has been harbouring a murderer in a village where everyone is a suspect.

SIGIL is currently parked with the cover designer, and I’m itching to see what he makes of the ideas I pitched.

Can’t get too ahead of myself, but really looking forward to having a second book available, especially in a genre I enjoy writing in. While the voice of Stephen Breagal of Pathfinders was finally silenced when I hit publish, Fr. Tom Regan has been a constant pain.

Nothing worse than sharing a head space with a jumpy, wannabe detective!


Pathfinders is available to buy on Amazon UK, US and other territories in paperback and digital format.

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pathfinders chapter 1

photo credit: DIABLO MEANDO TUMBA via photopin (license)

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