Two Year Blogiversary

Today marks the second year anniversary of the creation of my blog.

This is my 144th post and will be one of the shortest.

I would like to say thanks to anyone who has ever reblogged me, been kind enough to leave a comment, or for those who have chosen to follow me. You’ve helped confirm my decision that blogging has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my writing career.

No blogiversary post would be complete without mentioning some highlights, so without further ado, since this blogs creation, here is a shortlist of my:

  • Favourite PostPathfinders – Available Now…For Free. The publication of my book and the reveal (finally) on my site was a proud moment.
  • Most Challenging PostYou Wake Up – This literally took ten hours for me to construct. It is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ interactive post which received virtually no engagement.
  • Favourite Short StoryBlack Jack – Plenty of competition in this category with my assorted travels, but the prize fighting boxer I met in Costa Rica wins this bout. One of my earliest posts, worth a read for newbies, especially those with a wanderlust.
  • Favourite Interview #Reid2WriteEpisode 3 with Radio Host Richie Allen – Since 2014, I’ve started questioning external influences like politics, business and the role of the media in shaping our lives. Richie is the host of Europe’s largest alternative media radio show and a great fighter of free speech, helping to educate audiences around the world about deep problems we face in society.
  • Most Popular Post / Likes (ever) – We have a tie. Swapping Snickers for Sneakers (marathon training for virgin runners) and 10 Things I Miss About Ireland.
  • Most Popular Post / Views (ever)Why Dating is like Minesweeper. Special mention to A Guide to being a Single Man in their 30’s who pushed it close.

Thanks to all, and upwards and onwards to a successful third year (and hopefully getting Freshly Pressed for a change?!).

pathfinders chapter 1

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