Book Goodies Interview

Pathfinders NovelI did an Author Interview with the team over at Book Goodies to explain my writing process, routines and inspiration.

Anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of an eternally optimistic and slightly unstable writer can find my guts spilled in the following link:

via Interview with Author – Aidan J. Reid

pathfinders chapter 1

5 thoughts on “Book Goodies Interview

  • Thanks for the solid advice. Since you have a background in marketing, I’m wondering if you have any quick tips for a wannabe-author/freelancer like myself regarding exposure? I’m mostly networking via WordPress, but is there any other websites that encourage networking, take submissions, etc.? Thanks!


    • I found a couple of paid freelance opportunities in the past six months based off the strength of my blog. The first was because I was proactive in commenting on similar blogs, and one site connected me to an opportunity. I had been blogging consistently every week for 18 months until that point.

      The other opportunity appeared because of a post I wrote on the professional networking site – Linkedin. I suggest you start connecting with people on that platform. Also, I would guest post for free on other sites – all with the intention of building my brand and getting more eyes on my writing. For an unknown quantity, you need to walk before you can run. I also contacted local newspapers and featured in a couple of articles which helped boost my portfolio and therefore authority in other peoples eyes.

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