Pathfinders (update) and Book 2 – Sigil – Release Date

Pathfinders Aidan J ReidShipping paperback books to Colombia for proofreading is pricey.

For that reason, I’ve used a specialist to comb over every physical proof before finally hitting Publish, confirming the latest copy is fit for reader consumption.

Enter, Ma Reid.

Turns out that the most recent paperback copies had crowded text and the margins weren’t set correctly which made my paperback read more like a textbook. You give someone one job to do…

Whether that impacted on the reader experience, I don’t know. Hopefully not.

However, I’ve now fixed that error and my 232 page book has actually grown to 292 pages as a result. This also means that the profit margins for dear author has been reduced. Yippee.

The digital versions won’t have been impacted at all by this template change, but needless to say – lesson learnt for future books.

Which segues nicely into Book 2 – SIGIL.

I’ve had the professionally edited version since January and been making the necessary changes since then, to roll it into a copy which my proofreaders can critique (almost done). The cover design for SIGIL will be with me this week, which I’m really thrilled about.

As it stands, I’ll be looking at a publication date of June 16th, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Listings on Amazon will be up later this week. SIGIL is a little bit of a side step from the genre of Pathfinders. No sci-fi/horror. Just a good ol’ mystery/thriller romp set in a small village in Ireland.

Pathfinders is of course still available to buy in paperback and digital format (UK and US links embedded). I’m really happy with the reviews so far, including from an Amazon Top 500 and 1000 Reviewer respectively. On Goodreads it has mustered an average score of 4.6 out of 5 which is brilliant too.

Unfortunately, the market is a crowded one. I haven’t seen as many sales as I had anticipated at this point, so if you are considering buying it, now would be a great time.

For those that did buy it – I’m eternally grateful, especially if you took the time to leave a review.

My shift has to focus now to SIGIL and some marketing games I’ve got up my sleeve (all to be revealed in due course).

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pathfinders chapter 1

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