Featured Author Spot – Liz Madrid

Colombian Rainforest Solo Travel
Gazing out at Colombian Rainforest

I’m back in Ireland!

I didn’t publicise my return on my blog or social feeds because I wanted to surprise my mother, who hadn’t seen me for the best part of a year.

She has been one of my biggest supporters since I starting spitting out novels. She’s also been pushing my books at anyone that steps into our house.

Those Jehovah’s witnesses won’t be back in a hurry!

While I catch up on sleep and connect with friends, it might be a little bit quiet around my neck of the woods.

However, today I feature on a guest post over at Liz Madrid’s website. Liz is a romance author and has received rave reviews for her books. I highly recommend you check her out, not least because she’s giving away a free book.

The interview can be found here:

via Featured Author: Aidan J. Reid – Liz Madrid: Author

Anyone interested in reading the opening pages of my books can look no further than these three links:

Pathfinders (sci fi thriller)
Sigil (mystery thriller)
Spectrum (short story)

Pathfinders is still available to buy for the discounted price of 99 cents/pence. Offer ends tomorrow. Really.

12 thoughts on “Featured Author Spot – Liz Madrid

    • An old photo when I still had hair! My plane was delayed so when I finally got home at 11pm, she was in bed. I nearly gave her a heart attack, but she took it well! Might have aged her about 10 years though!


  • I should be using my books to drive away those solicitors then! Happy to hear you’re back home and I sure hope your Ma was surprised! I remember doing that years ago by calling the moment I’d arrive at the airport and ask my mom, “what time is it over there?” And she’d say, 7 am (I took the red-eye each time from California to NY) and then I’d say, “that’s funny. It’s 7am here, too.” Hope you’re well!

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  • Hello! I didn’t understood this sentence with Jehovah’s Whitness but that’s why I’d like this post… Freaky? F**k yeah 👹
    Anyway, can You be so kind and explain it please?


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