Interviews and Inspiration

To coincide with the release of my second book, Sigil – a thriller based in Ireland, I decided to contact several local newspapers to tell my story.

Two weeks ago, while still in Colombia, I spoke with a couple of reporters who decided to run with the story, taking the ‘Local Boy Done Good‘ angle.

Anyone interested in reading the articles need look no further than the following two links:
Coleraine Chronicle
Ballymoney Times

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite of the glam lifestyle enjoyed by an indie author, then I also appear over at Patrick Hyland’s excellent personal growth website – The Irish Introvert – talking about ‘Inspiration’ and where I get it.

You can check it out here:
My Inspiration

Finally, a reminder that the opening chapters for my books can be accessed in the following links – Pathfinders, Sigil, Spectrum.

That’s enough links for one day. Time to vegetate in front of the TV and watch the tennis.

spectrum sci fi short story


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