What the Funk?!

The discipline I had in Colombia, cranking out 3,000 words virtually every day, has left me.

I’ve been back in Ireland for over two weeks now and time seems to be a little more fleeting here. At least that’s how it seems when you have English channels on the TV again – Damn you Wimbledon and Euro Championships.

Even though my writing pen has temporarily been pocketed, I feel my routine needs a dropkick to the head to get me back in the game.

Sales of Book 1 – Pathfinders – really picked up in June which I was pleased about. Book 2 – Sigil – needs a little bit more loving but despite some offline efforts recently (featuring in local newspapers to coincide with its release), it hasn’t yet built up a head of steam.

I’ll soon be rolling out the promotional red carpet for it, using some tactics which helped Pathfinders.

Reviews continue to stream in across a range of platforms for both books and the short story (which was designed to be a freebie for subscribers to my site – you can subscribe here to get it for free).

Amazon US/UK (4.8* from 14 reviews)
Goodreads (4.6* from 8 reviews)

Amazon US/UK (5* from 2 reviews)
Goodreads (5* from 1 review)

Amazon US/UK (4.6* from 7 reviews)
Goodreads (4.1* from 7 reviews)

*average out of 5

By far, the most humbling and unexpected consequence of releasing my little creations into the wild, open to public scrutiny, has been the emails and various blog comments I’ve received from around the world.

While it’s nice to have positive feedback from friends and family, when it comes from a stranger, unbiased and without ulterior motive, it really gives me the confidence and determination to improve. (I received a new review this week from the site, ‘Powerful Women Readers‘.

Adding the polished touch, hiring professional editors and recruiting cover designers, I hope that at the very least, the books I produce are something I can look back on with pride in years to come.

I have a few more stories bursting to be told. Just a matter of establishing a routine again.

What does your routine or work space look like?

Read the opening chapters of Pathfinders and Sigil.

image attribution – Anna M via CC flickr

spectrum sci fi short story

23 thoughts on “What the Funk?!

  • I work all over the house, and I can multitask. Am currently reading three books to review for my blog, but now that my students at the university are contacting me and sending me their “stuff” to comment on, my blog posts will become less frequent.I Am only a part-timer, but they get full time work for part time pay. Here the university can hire one adjunct for 1/3 what they pay full time employees. We don’t do it for the money, though, do we?

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  • Hi, Aiden, I’m on chapter 35 of Pathfinders…and, if not for life throwing a wrench in so many of my plans, I would have finished it a couple weeks ago. However, the upside is, I have a week’s vacation next week (a stay-cation), and I am going to read the rest….you know I know it’s is fantastic!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you put Norman and the boys…and me…through next 🙂

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  • My work space is my dining nook that I’ve transformed into a writing nook so I can keep an eye out on my 6-year old while I’m writing. Other than that, sometimes the writing happens in bed on my phone or in the car while waiting for him finish his day at day camp.

    Congrats on your sales for Pathfinders, and best of luck for Sigil. I was going to talk to you about your reader magnet (the short story) but download Nick Stephenson’s book Reader Magnets (I think it’s perma-free) so you can see how it really works. He explains it better than I can 🙂

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  • I know what you mean about tennis and football…I too put part of each day on hold to watch them and, to be honest, in retrospect it often wasn’t time well spent either! I guess we watch on the off-chance we see something memorable. Time to grab a bit of life back…


  • Oh no! Step away from the remote………… I write best in the morning, so I tend to write as soon as I get out of bed, before I even have breakfast (or watch any tv). Usually that works but it does take a lot of discipline to do it every day. You did really well to write 3,000 words a day, I’m impressed. I’ve managed that at times but not for too many days in a row, so well done, you.

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      • I read somewhere that you should write at whatever time of day (or night) is your creative period. If it’s not in the morning, after a night’s sleep, then it’s good to have a nap and then write when you wake up. Apparently, your creative ‘juices’ are bursting to spring forth after a sleep. 🙂

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  • I don’t really have a routine down, which is probably a bad thing, but I usually find myself writing seriously in the early morning (around 1-2am), mostly on the floor of my bedroom or at the dining room table. This summer I’ve tried to set aside a block of time late at night to see if I can get the creative juices flowing a bit earlier but it rarely goes down that way.

    But I applaud you for managing to write 3000 words a day. That takes some serious concentration and discipline and I’m more than sure you’ll be able to establish a routine again if you were able to manage THAT 🙂 Good luck to you!

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  • As you are back in Ireland, I thought you might have gone with ‘What the Feck’!
    Thanks for following my blog. You have an interesting life indeed. Based in Medellin? I always thought that was just the Cartels…Good luck with your books, and whatever else you get up to.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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