A Gluttonous Feast of Free Books

As a relative newcomer to Instafreebie, I recently stumbled upon a facebook group where genre-specific authors batched their books together to run promotions.

Sounded like such a good idea that I decided to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy campaign, organised by Dean F. Wilson which is running from the 14th-20th of November.

A couple dozen other authors have chipped in, offering links to their own books which are available to download to any device through the Instafreebie website.

Instafreebie Aidan J Reid
An Indie Author’s Secret Weapon

Assuming every author plays their part and helps to promote the campaign through their respective channels, this cross-pollination allows readers to find new authors.

For example, I’ve seen my own subscriber email list triple in number within a week from people who downloaded my short-story, Spectrum.

For those who enjoy reading in the sci-fi/fantasy genre and have a curiosity to see if any of the 120+ free books (!) are of interest, you can click through on the image below to find out more.

In other news I’ll be running a giveaway next week – Two free Kindle E-Readers for two lucky subscribers (to either my mailing list or my facebook page).

There goes my Christmas bonus.

Science Fiction Fantasy Aidan J Reid Instafreebie

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