Unleashing Your Inner Author – A Short Story Promotion

Are you an author who wants more followers/subscribers/page likes?
Do you enjoy writing in your spare time and would like to share one of your stories with a wider audience?
Perhaps you’re already a published author who would like to capture a new market audience online but don’t know where to begin.

OK, enough of the hypotheticals Aidan.

Anyone that slots roughly into the above categories would do worse than check out Instafreebie or specifically, a promotion I’m running in conjunction with them in January (3rd-10th).

Instafreebie is a book site which connects readers to new writers through giveaways. I’m getting together with a number of authors (from published to aspiring) to promote a collection of short stories to our respective audiences.

There’s power in numbers.

Let me give you an example. I tacked onto a science fiction and fantasy promotion which ran from November 14th-20th (mentioned in my last post). A number of authors provided a book(s) that fulfilled certain criteria with the premise that they would share the promotion online (social feeds, mailing list, blog, etc.).

With 120+ authors participating, that’s a helluva big target audience. Those followers were directed to the book promotion page, which housed the various titles. The page offered links to individual titles on Instafreebie where the books were either perma-free or free for a limited time only. All titles were available as an instant electronic download, in various formats.

Spectrum - High Resolution - Copy
My Key To 1000 More Subscribers

To put it into context, before the giveaway, I had 350 email subscribers that I worked hard to grow, through my own efforts in the previous five months.

However, as a result of the giveaway collaboration, I added 980 more subscribers to that list – readers who decided to download my science fiction short-story, Spectrum.

I also picked up an additional 40 likes of my Facebook author page.

Not bad for a week’s ‘work’ huh?

For anyone in doubt about the importance of email marketing, especially for authors trying to build their brand, I suggest you read the following article from Joanna Penn.

Now, if you think you have a short story in you (at least 3,000 words); are happy to give it away for free, and would like to take part then…

Let’s talk.

You’ll need to sign up to Instafreebie if you haven’t already done so. Their basic package is free.

I would also suggest you have some cover art/image for your short story. People will judge it on it’s cover, a point I picked up in a previous post. A google search will reveal various free images/software you can use if money is a bit tight. Alternatively, there are lots of companies that can create inexpensive covers with a range of templates for you to choose from (I suggest goonwrite.com).

Ultimately with a giveaway, you get out of it what you put in. If you don’t take the time to help promote the giveaway, then it defeats the purpose. A rising tide lifts all boats. By making a little effort, it helps create ‘cross-pollination’ opportunities, introducing your audience (big or small) to what is potentially a new genre/author that they’ll fall in love with.

All genres are accepted in this giveaway.

You might not have a particularly strong marketing presence at the moment. That’s cool. We all have to start somewhere. I got a foot-up from the science fiction giveaway and this is me paying it forward, trying to shine a light on other authors who are in the same boat when I started off on this adventure with a teeny-weeny platform.

If you’ve come this far and decided to list your title on Instafreebie, you can sign up for the giveaway through this link: Enter Short Story Details

I’ve built a page where the books will appear when they’ve been approved for the giveaway. There’s already 15 titles up there in the last 24 hours. I expect that to increase tenfold in the coming weeks: Short Story Book Page

So. What do you say?


N.B. I’m giving away a free Kindle eReader through my facebook page. Please follow it to hear details of the upcoming giveaway later in the week.


7 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Inner Author – A Short Story Promotion

  • InstaFreebie is a great promotional tool, and I hope more authors take advantage of it. Giving away a few books in exchange for name recognition, reader goodwill, book reviews, and additions to mailing lists is a pretty good trade-off, and better than having a book just sitting online…lonely and ignored! LOL! I was part of a multi-genre giveaway November 11-16 with seventy other authors, and ended up with nearly 500 downloads and additions to my mailing list. I’m definitely an InstaFreebie fan!

    I’ll definitely check out your January promotion!

    Liked by 1 person

  • You are so right about the covers. I love yours, btw. The colors are beautiful and it catches my eye. (The eye catches my eye, lol! 😉) Anyway, I am guilty of avoiding ugly books. I don’t mean to, but I do it unconsciously. I am pulled to the covers that look like they have design elements instead of ones that look like drawings or just font. With so many free books, and so little time, it’s all about snap decisions. It’s so hard to tell an author that their cover creeps you out. I did tell one of my author friends and she changed the cover…it’s been doing much better. As I said, it’s unfortunate that we say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and we do it every day, but it happens. I’m just glad you mentioned it in the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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