Releasing ROT

THIS WEEKEND I launched the first part of what will be a collection of stories which I’ve called ‘ROT’.

It’s a dark comedy short story and has so far gotten really good reviews which I’m delighted about! It sure can feel like an echo chamber sometimes in the indie publishing world, so any feedback is great.

What’s the story? Glad you asked.

Rot3dpingRay Jones isn’t like other tooth fairies.

He curses too much. Enjoys snorting fairy dust. And recently, he’s been tearing teeth out of kids mouths for profit.

He’ll tell you it’s because of The Rot.

Then again, he’ll tell you anything to avoid walking the plank.

This is his story.

It can be picked up for 99c/p on Amazon USUKCAAUS (and most other territories).

In other news, there are a couple of giveaways currently running where you can pick up some new titles.

  • The first is a science fiction and fantasy giveaway over at SFFBookBonanza. All the books listed are free to download through Instafreebie and today is the last day of the promotion. My baby, ‘Spectrum‘ is among the titles listed. Well worth popping over and filling up your Kindle.
  • The second is for urban fantasy and science fiction fans, again through the guys at Instafreebie. There are 44 titles to choose from in the free giveaway, including my own ‘Crystal Clear‘.




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