Writing up a Storm

THIS WEEK I MOVED all my earthly possessions in a suitcase and moved to Colombia.

Bogota now. Medellin later.

The weather here has been nothing short of shite. Only a few degrees more than what I was escaping in Ireland. At least I know Medellin is certain to be warmer having spent a year there in 2015.

One good thing about this enforced shelter means that I’ve not missed a beat with my writing. In fact, I’ve never been more productive.

Coincidence that this country gave birth to the deformed twins of Pathfinders and Sigil? My new creation – Raising Lazarus – was also written here at the end of 2015.

Guess there’s somethin’ in those Juan Valdez coffees that stir my creative juices.

While I ramp up the word count and figure out how to stay afloat financially, I want to share a few promotional giveaways.

The first is a science fiction and fantasy giveaway where the winner gets their dirty little nibs on on over 45 top notch e-books. My book Pathfinders is in there if you look hard enough. Lookin’ very pretty too in the graphic I might add.




The other promotions are to win a free Kindle e-Reader and (two) Amazon $100 gift vouchers.

It’s free to enter and you can click on the images to find out more.

Now, I’ve got to make myself scarce.

I forgot how sensitive the Colombian toilets are, and when the rest of the hostel roommates come in and discover the gift I’ve left them in the ensuite, they’ll be looking for blood.


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