We Need To Talk About Lazarus…

I’VE BEEN SO ENTRENCHED in the ROT World lately that I haven’t really mentioned the fact I have a new book out next week.

It’s my first novel in eighteen months.

I’ve spoken before about the voices in my head and this was no different.

Taking up residency in recent years has been a middle aged Catholic parish priest, a rogue tooth fairy, a mysterious librarian, a homeless mentally unstable woman, and now…


Who’s that? I thought you’d never ask.

As part of her University thesis, Molly Walker meets a mysterious man incarcerated on a prostitution charge.

He believes a wandering prophet raised him from the dead two thousand years earlier. Sceptical, Molly digs deeper and she begins to expose the dark underbelly of the city.

As the man’s past comes to light, she realises that not only will her life be changed forever, but his actions will send shockwaves around the world.

I’m going to launch it at the special price of 99c/p for the opening few days.

It goes on general release January 29th across all good (and some not so good) bookstores but is available for pre-order now.

Barnes and Noble
Kobo etc

I’ll be releasing the paperback version in the next few days so look out for that if you’re old school like me and prefer the feel of paper.

Apart from that, I really should be working on the Sigil sequel. Problem with living in Medellin is that the weather is too damn good to be stuck indoors.

I could take the laptop outside but I tend to get so absorbed when I write that I risk toasting my Casper skin a lobster pink.

First world problems I know! 🙂


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