Raising Lazarus – Launch Day (99c/p)

My new book Raising Lazarus is available for purchase from today.

That makes three novels in two years. Not quite King-esque, but I do try!

I’m launching the digital version of it at the price of 99c/p. In a few days it will move to the extortionate price of $3.99. How do I sleep at night?!

I guess you’d find this in the suspense/thriller aisle of your local bookstore. With my stories I try and give a little oddball twist to them. This is no different. It’s in the tagline:

Hello Beautiful.

Cursed with eternal life? 

Or a dangerous psychopath?

You can read the opening chapters here.

It’s also available on pretty much all platforms and as a paperback.

Hit the following link to find it on your favourite platform:
Raising Lazarus

Thanks for your continued support and lovely comments. I’ll keep writing as long as there’s an audience.

There is an audience right?…


Anyone out there?….


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