The ROT Revolution will not be televised

I’VE HAD SO MUCH fun writing the ROT series.

What was going to be a standalone short-story has now taken on a life of its own and spawned three sequels. It will eventually be a collection of six stories and then rolled into ROT: The Novel, this Summer.

I want to make the story available to as many people as possible so I’m making what I’ve written so far FREE to download for the next 48 hours.

Rod3deditedThat is:

Part 1 – Origin of the Feces
Part 2 – The Tooth Hurts
Part 3 – Plaque to the Future

The following link takes you to the Amazon store where you can load up:
The Rot Collection

(If you don’t have a Kindle, hit the contact me button in the menu and I’ll get it to you in another format)

What’s it about?

Ray Jones is a rogue tooth fairy who decides to knock healthy teeth out of the mouths of kids, to make a little bit of profit.

Even tooth fairies have bills to pay.

You can download all the parts this weekend.

I hope you enjoy them!

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