Rot 4 – Plaque to the Future


A tooth fairy has burrowed its way into my my head and I’m stringing out pieces of him onto the page.

This was a little series I decided to create having been inspired by something similar by sci-fi author Hugh Howey with his Beacon 23 series. Howey released a new part every month for five months (five short stories), and then finally bundled them into a novel.

ROT4The idea is nothing new. In fact, he did that in 2015. Guess I’m a bit slow.

In any case, styled on that, I created the ROT Collection which has six parts (take that Howey!).

Part 4 was released today. That’s four mini-launches in the last four months. To complicate matters, I also had a new novel come out last month.

Part 1 of ROT is (permanently) free to download and a quick twenty minute read for those with time to kill.

Download from Amazon (Kindle)
Download for other devices

8 thoughts on “Rot 4 – Plaque to the Future

  • Hi Aidan. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just read part one of the Rot series…what a hoot! Can’t wait for the next one now! I think this might be your niche you know…great fun! 🤣

    Also finished Lazarus…now that is an unusual tome for sure. Very peculiar style you adopted for it and the ending seemed to come out of nowhere. You certainly aren’t a one trick pony compared to Pathfinders or indeed Rot. Good on you I say! Too many recycled tales around.

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    • Think you could be right about ROT. Had a lot of fun with it! Lazarus – yeah – I try and be a little bit off-beat and weird with my stuff. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. All about trying new things I guess. Hope you’re well mate! Lookin’ forward to Baabaric 2 😉

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      • It’s good to try new things. Helps develop your talent too perhaps? Baabaric 2 (which probably won’t be the title) is under development but is taking a backseat while I’m back in full time study…so time will tell there.

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  • my hubby, George, picked up my ebook and was snorting with laughter…I asked what he was reading and he said “something called rot”. I told him he had to stop immediately, get his own darned e-book and BUY your book! He is now mad at me……………roflmao


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