Pathfinders is two! Discounted today.

THE FIRST BOOK that started my author career celebrates its second birthday today!

To celebrate, I’m dropping its price to 99 cents/p for the next couple of days.

If you’re looking for something a little bit wacky and original, then I’d suggest reading the opening chapters here to see if its for you.

You can find out more about PATHFINDERS from the book page on:
Amazon US, UK

I’ve given away thousands of copies in the last couple of years so if there is anyone out there that enjoyed it but hasn’t yet left a review, now would be a wonderful time. Especially on the US store.

BookBub-PathfindersAnyone with an Amazon account can leave a review on the US site (yes even the Brits). It’s obviously the biggest pie and my piece in it is something I’d like to grow.

To say I have a sliver of it at the moment is a wild exaggeration. In relative terms, my impact is probably something similar to discovering a pube on the crust.

Secretly, I’m hoping to make a run for a BookBub promotion later in the year. Unofficially, they tend to only consider books with more than 50 reviews which I’m sorely lacking not only on this book but ALL my books.

For thirty seconds of your time, you’d make this man wildly ecstatic. 30 seconds. That’s all it takes.

Might explain why I’m still single.

  • You can leave a review by visiting the US Book Page here and scrolling down to ‘leave a customer review’. Couldn’t be easier.

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