Letting Regan off the Leash

QUICK UPDATE – My second novel SIGIL is free to download for the next 48 hours.

I’m busy working on the sequel as we speak with (fingers crossed) a release date of end of June 2018.

Quick turnaround, but I really am investing every waking sane moment I have into completing it. That would be almost two years after the first instalment. Time flies!

You can download it from Amazon US, UK and other territories today.

10 thoughts on “Letting Regan off the Leash

  • Yay! Definitely grabbing this. That *is* a pretty quick turnaround, but you can totally do it. 😉 May your coffee never run dry and your muse cooperate for a change.


  • Hi Aidan. I realise this is a little off-topic but I wanted to ask if you had any tips as regards publishing a paperback version of your ebook on KDP? I’m thinking I need to do it but wasn’t sure about anything in particular I need to be aware of like cover design differences and things like that…hope I haven’t asked this before…so much information out there…


    • Hi Graham – Steer clear. Createspace is a lot easier. You’ll need a full wraparound cover (including back page an spine). I’ve spent many hours wrestling with that when I’ve chosen to do it myself. If you have the $$$, get your illustrator to create the paperback cover for you. If you don’t, you can do it yourself. Tricky but doable. The cover is dependent on how many pages (spine width) are in your book. This typically won’t be the same as in the Kindle book. Slightly different formatting needed in the paperback too (remove hyperlinks, page numbers, front matter), so create a copy. There’s an awful lot to do to fit their required dimensions. I paid ten bucks for a course on udemy which helped a lot called ‘eBook and Paperback Book Cover Design Using Canva’. Plenty of resources on the createspace site too, but without assistance you’re looking at a few hours of work ahead.


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