ROT’s a Wrap

Rod3deditedFOR THE PAST 5 months I’ve lived a double life.

My alter-ego was a six-inch tooth-fairy that straddled the human world and the Fairy Kingdom.

And I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.

Last week I released the final part – ROT 6: Filling Time. You can read more about the series here.

It’s a dark humour, adventure story. Little bit quirky as you’d expect if you’ve read any of my stuff.

I’ve made the first part permafree (Origin of the Feces) and you can download a copy in the link below from…wait for it

8 thoughts on “ROT’s a Wrap

  • If the first three parts are anything to go by, the last three should be great. I’ll get there eventually! 🙂 Would you say you found it more fun to do a dark comedy (for want of a better description)? And was it a different challenge to do it in parts rather than one block?


    • I think I’m more suited to writing dark comedy because its a better reflection of my twisted sense of humour. Tough doing it in parts yeah. I spaced it out in the hope of building anticipation. ‘Tune in next month to see what happens!’ Didn’t quite work out that way. Was a slow burn. If I was doing it again, I’d write the whole thing in a month and parcel it out like I did. All good lessons though!


  • As someone who was blessed to read all six of the ROT series, I have to say I not only LOVED them, but I have never in my life laughed as much as i did reading them! They were wonderful, and I tell EVERYONE to go buy them!


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