Fr Regan. I’ve been expecting you…

ALWAYS A PROUD MOMENT seeing a project in print or the first time.

Especially this one. Yage is the sequel to Sigil and sees the Catholic Priest Tom Regan dust off his clerical collar again in a mystery thriller set in Peru.

I’m going to release this one in mid-September and it will be my fifth (!) novel.

How did that happen?!

I’ll keep spitting the stories out as long as there are readers that continue to enjoy them.

The next novel project I have in mind will be something less ‘safe’. The stories I enjoy writing the most are those that a little counter-culture, weird and original.

Lucid dreaming, people cursed with eternal life or angry little tooth fairies.

Now I’m actively tuning my ear to the ether to see what voice pipes up loudest.

So. Many. Voices…

Who’s ready to have their story told?

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