Best Of

To save time navigating through a backlog of older entries, I compiled a short list of posts which seemed to strike a chord with readers.

Taking the ancient hallucinogenic medicine AYAHUASCA in a Peruvian Jungle:
Ayahuasca – A Personal Account (PART 1) (PART 2)

Training body and mind to tackle my first marathon in Dublin:
Swapping Snickers for Sneakers – Marathon Training for Virgin Runners

Cycling Bolivia’s infamous Death Road and breaking bones in the process:
Mountain Biking ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Road’

Discovering some unwanted items and memories in my travel backpack:
Hello there Mr. Diarrhea Pill!

A frightening experience in the palatial home of Argentina’s Ambassador to Ecuador:
The Night I Faced an Ecuadorian Firing Squad

Being scammed in Shanghai:
The Shanghai Tea Scam

Finding some surprising life lessons in a box full of junk:
10 Life Lessons from a 10 Year Old – Rediscovering my Childhood Diary

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