Alt Media Novel Ideas

I’VE ALWAYS HAD a fascination with the weird and wonderful.

Whether it was the X-files as a teen, ghosts and the paranormal as a young adult, or now – as a dork in his mid-thirties – keen subscriber to alternative media channels like David Icke, Max Igan or Richie Allen.

Whether you believe in what some may label ‘conspiracy theorists’, isn’t the point of this post. With my writer hat firmly in place, I recognise these influencers as a source of wonderful ideas that can provide fodder for short stories and novels.

Many examples litter history – concepts and objects considered outlandish in their day – conceived by imaginative creatives and which have since entered our reality. Talk about thinking outside the box. Read more

Episode 3 of #Reid2Write – Richie Allen talks Alternative Media and Waking Up

THREE YEARS AGO at a wedding, I bumped into a friend.

He was always considered a black sheep of his family, a little odd but very entertaining with some of his oddball views about extra-terrestrials, shady Government officials and shapeshifting humans.

The kind of person you’d be selective about introducing to others. Read more