7 Surprising Truths About My Year of Sobriety

NEXT WEEK MARKS 12 MONTHS since I quit the booze. Again.

You’ve heard of yo-yo dieters? Well I guess my thirties has seen me operate at both ends of the drinking spectrum.

On the boozing extreme, I would have binged hard but limited the damage to weekends. How bad did it get? Well, blackouts were par for the course. I didn’t have a good handle on things. I drank to get drunk. Why? Escapism. Habit. Boredom. Confidence. Many reasons. Read more

‘Quit Lit’ and the Origin of Zombies

I’VE BEEN OFF THE BOOZE since December 2017.

This isn’t the first time I’ve joined the ranks of the teetotal.

On other occasions (I was off it for a year while living in Colombia), I trialled the lifestyle and for one reason or another, always found myself slipping back into old habits. Familiar company. Read more

Puke Free Since ’03 – An ode to my Kevin Costner

Sick Puke VomitWhatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or so the saying goes.

Although I tried my absolute best to batter my liver with wild concoctions of booze in my late teens.

My jaunts around the world at various times in the past decade have exposed me to cultures that are at odds to my own when it comes to alcohol consumption. What has become abundantly obvious each time has been the stark contrast in attitudes and behaviour to drink in Ireland and the U.K. versus other countries. Read more

Equipping a Sober Shield

My January detox has come and gone with relative ease and it is with an unfamiliar clarity of thought I sit down and write this on a Sunday morning, free from a hangover.

A deeper part of me has also awakened from its dormant state and prompted me to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol which hasn’t really been under such scrutiny for a long time. Read more

How to Cure a Hangover

I’ve been enjoying a dry January detox so far, giving my body a well earned rest from the food and drinking binge that accompanied the festive period.

My resolve wavered going into this weekend and finding a spare hour after work today I stumbled upon an interesting book by Alan Carr (he of the Stop Smoking fame as opposed to Mr. Chatty) at a second hand bookshop at a discount. Seemed like an interesting premise on the front cover: Read more