Child’s Play (A Short Story)

In a school yard, a group of kids dressed in uniform were huddled together in a ring, looking over the shoulders of two boys in the centre. They were kneeling, staring at one another from opposite ends of a chalk circle drawn on the ground.

One of the boys – a ruddy bruised face and shiny black hair the colour of beetle skin – slid off his knees and got to his feet.

“How you wanna set them up?” Read more

Childhood Love Potions

love potionWhen I was 10 years old, there was a girl in my class I had a huge crush on.

Every day my imagination would run wild, dreaming of scenarios where my true feelings could be made known to her, without the other students knowing.

Already painfully shy, I didn’t want to invite extra attention, teasing or name calling. Especially not from the opposite sex, which would have crippled me at that young age where I was super sensitive. Read more

10 Life Lessons From a 10 Year Old – Rediscovering My Childhood Diary

Thumbs up for Donatello
Thumbs Up For Donatello!

Post-Holidays blues are a horrible thing. Almost one month to the day since I returned to Ireland from travelling South America, I’ve been filling my days with practical odds and ends to keep the mild depression at bay.

One of those activities has been to finally clear the attic space in our family home. Years of useless junk has collected there, including my once treasured X-Files memorabilia, a horde of Christmas board games played once and a treasure trove of dolls and toys from our childhood.

An interesting discovery I made was a set of diaries from the early ’90’s that I had completely forgotten about. Read more