Cold Exposure Therapy – Escaping the Comfort Zone

DESPITE BITING POLAR WINDS skimming the crust of snow off the surface and stunning scenery atop the Nevis range in the highlands of Scotland, I could be forgiven for having a wandering mind.

Skiers garbed in their expensive ensemble mumbled to one another, trailed by tiny tots who pointed to the figure emerging from the cable car, like an alien from a foreign craft.

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The Travel Bug Bites Back had travelled for seven months without so much as a common cold or mosquito bite, but it seems that as I near the finish line my luck is finally running out.

I don’t easily get sick. Even once in the year is fairly uncommon, but the past few weeks my body feels like its been eaten, chewed up and spat out. I thought if I was to succumb to any illness or sickness abroad it might have been through eating something unpleasant. After safely dining on the street vendors of Bolivia (1 euro for burger, fries and coke!) my stomach reaffirmed itself as a no-nonsense, take no prisoners furnace that destroyed anything in its way. The problem which is ultimately weakening my body as I write this has been the lack of quality sleep.
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