Changing Covers – The Stubborn Version

EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, I released my first creation to the wild.

Pathfinders is a supernatural thriller with a sprinkling of science fiction. Panning two worlds, it explores this reality and the dream world through the phenomena of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, popularized most recently with the movie Inception. Read more

Golden Fleece vs Polished Turd (Cover Illustrator Review – Design For Writers)

pathfinders aidan j reid design for writersHAVING SPENT LITERALLY years crafting my debut novel, I was determined not to flop when it came to the cover design.

There are certain things you can control to ensure a higher chance of success and an effective cover is one such variable.

Don’t believe the phrase – ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ especially if you are pursuing the self-publishing route as a means to bring your book to the market. Read more

Release of Debut Novel – PATHFINDERS –

Pathfinders NovelAFTER 103 BLOG POSTS, I’m allowing myself a little bit of shameless self-promotion here!

I finally received my cover illustration from the guys at Design For Writers, which I’m now able to reveal with my small community.

At the moment I’m sharing some of my experiences in bringing a book to market, including my work with two particular editors (Inkwell and Bubblecow) which some aspiring self-publishers or those flirting with the idea of writing a book may be interested in reading.  Read more

If At First You Don’t Succeed…(Shhh!!!)

rejection thick skin selfpublishingIF THERE’S ONE thing I’ve learnt from a decade of working in Sales, it’s this:

Rejection is inevitable.

What you do with that rejection, is another thing altogether.

Like most aspiring authors I’ve got my fair share of rejection letters from publishers and agents. Nothing new there, but without any valuable, critical feedback it is incredibly difficult to know what you’re doing well and where you’re pissing against the wind. Read more