A Life Less Ordinary

RAISED ON A DIET of American self-help books in my teens probably had something to do with my relative weirdness.

Tony Robbins had me believe I could walk through walls. Wayne Dyer convinced me that my limiting thoughts had created the wall. Richard Bandler made me doubt whether the walls even existed. Read more

How To Kill Someone (and get away with it)

Bloody ScissorsI have a confession to make. Last year I killed my boss.

When I told her that I was going to quit my job, emigrate to Colombia and follow my dream of becoming a writer, she laughed in my face and said I was crazy.

I’m not the violent type normally. If anything I’m quite placid and try to avoid confrontation. Lover not a fighter. Read more

Dreaming of Lucidity

I’M NOT GOING to lie.

Living in Colombia for the past seven months hasn’t been a bed of roses. Socially, it’s been a challenge to meet new people.

I don’t have an office job. I work remotely from home or the nearest cafe. Also, I don’t go to a language school, preferring instead to learn spanish by osmosis – thank you trashy telenovelas. Read more

Lucid Dream Travelling with Pamela Anderson

event_207748382I’ve been fascinated by Lucid Dreaming for around ten years now.

Simply stated it is the phenomenon of being consciously aware that you are dreaming. My first introduction to this topic was discovering a book in a second hand store by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, the foremost expert in the field.

I devoured his now classic seminal work, ‘Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming‘ in one sitting. Being a bit of a sci-fi fantasy nerd, the premise was incredibly interesting to me at the time. Read more