Help! My Spanish Teacher is a Zombie

TO BE MORE PRECISE…an army of zombies.

Since arriving back on Irish shores three months ago from Colombia, I’ve continued to work on my Spanish.

Fortunately, Dublin has no shortage of Spanish speakers for practice. But I’m finding that private study is my preferred option for keeping my interest levels high. Even more so if I’m interested in the material (No more boring grammar books). Read more

A Guide to Being a Single Man in their 30’s

Dating GameAround this time of year while friends and family are frantically chasing down last minute gifts for their loved ones, it always make me nostalgic. Thinking back to previous Christmases I’ve shared with girlfriends.

Admittedly, they’ve been few and far betwen – two in fact, which is kinda depressing, but it got me thinking.

Am I better off during this festive period with or without a partner? I’ve been back in Ireland for five months following my adventures abroad and am still on the single market. Read more

Searching for NOW

zen awareness present momentI can’t remember who initially inspired me. It might have been Tony Robbins. It might have even been Neil Strauss.

Whoever it was, they inspired me to make some constant small changes on major areas of my life. It sounded like a neat way to tackle areas I had neglected for too long and which were suddenly out of synch.

They argued, for example, there was no point in being physically in the best shape of your life, if inside you were depressed. Similarly, you might have achieved Zen-like stillness in meditation and thought but if you were morbidly overweight, it will negatively affect your mind/mood. Read more

Swapping Snickers for Sneakers – Marathon Training for Virgin Runners

The first (and only) marathon I ever completed was eleven years ago.

I was halfway into my college course at University and firmly entrenched in the student lifestyle of boozing, binging and exercising my fingers on speed dial for the local Chinese takeaway.

Fortunately I had enough self-awareness to catch myself and realise that I needed to haul ass out of that toxic state and get back into shape. Read more