Puking on the Page

SOMETIME’S THERE’S NOTHING quite like a good ol’ puke.

Usually, that feeling creeps up on me when I have a throbbing hangover. The urgent need for a release to purge my insides of the toxic booze from the night before.

Thankfully, those days are few and far between. When it does happen though, it feels like the best remedy to batter through a block. Some blocks, however, are harder to remove than others. Read more

The Wit and Wisdom of George Carlin

I only recently got into Carlin.

Watching youtube videos of some of his old performances, he had an inimitable way of telling the ugly, unvarnished truth about society in a way that you couldn’t help but laugh at.

How I never heard of him before is beyond me, regularly featuring in Top 100 lists of the best comedians of all time, usually trading top spot with Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks. Read more

My Secret Life as a Busker

Busking Rock Star GigBEFORE ED SHEERAN STOLE my thunder, I was, at least for a month of weekends, the hottest undiscovered talent in the U.K.

My own short lived career was one fraught with difficulty.

Demanding fans pleading for encores into the wee early hours of the night; drunken louts stealing the hard-earned tips I’d bled fingertips to receive; an audience that wanted to hear the tired classics instead of new, original material. Read more