10 Highlights of Travelling in Central and South America

Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico
Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

9 months. 13 countries.

There have been some amazing experiences en route. Some internationally renowned. Other’s perhaps not what you’d expect, but magical for their own reasons.

Here is a round-up of my Top Ten:


The colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala holds special memories for me. This charming little hub is buzzing with an excellent night life and vibrant social scene, thanks to the steady influx of Spanish language students. Read more

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Charming Colonial Antigua
Charming Colonial Antigua

My motivation for learning Spanish was pretty straightforward:

  1. I was about to embark on a 9 month backpacking whistle-stop tour of Central and South America, and felt that my experience would be heightened if I could speak some of the lingo.
  2. I wanted to come back from my travels with a newly learnt, practical skill I could use in the real world.
  3. I had heard that meeting local women was next to impossible without knowing at least the basic tenets of Spanish grammar.

Read more

A Volcanic Adventure

A Rare Glimpse of Acatenango

It was my last week in the charming colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala.

Four weeks were spent studying Spanish and I was looking forward to field testing my new skills in cities that weren’t so overrun with gringo’s. However, while I was still in Antigua, there were a few items I wanted to tick off the list, and climbing one of the three nearby volcanoes was top of that list. Acatenango seemed to be the poster boy of most of the agencies so I was leaning toward that as option one. Read more

The 10 Uncomfortable Truths of Travelling in Central + South America

Tomorrow is the eight month anniversary of my backpacker travels through the continents of Central and South America.

Since arriving in Cancun, Mexico back in October, I was gently exposed to a new culture and way of life. As I’ve ventured off the gringo trail and gone deeper into the heart of the eleven countries (en-counting), I’ve had some incredible experiences along the way. During that time there has been a lot of self reflection too, and I wanted to share some of the common truths that I’ve learnt for any future travellers that may be reading. Read more