Changing Covers – The Stubborn Version

EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, I released my first creation to the wild.

Pathfinders is a supernatural thriller with a sprinkling of science fiction. Panning two worlds, it explores this reality and the dream world through the phenomena of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, popularized most recently with the movie Inception. Read more

The Short Story Bonanza

A QUICK POST to alert my blog subscribers to a giveaway currently taking place courtesy of the guys at Instafreebie and hosted on my site (Yay!).

I’ve had an outrageous glut of traffic since the beginning of this giveaway; readers who have already visited the page and grabbed a short story of their choosing. Read more

How To Kill Someone (and get away with it)

Bloody ScissorsI have a confession to make. Last year I killed my boss.

When I told her that I was going to quit my job, emigrate to Colombia and follow my dream of becoming a writer, she laughed in my face and said I was crazy.

I’m not the violent type normally. If anything I’m quite placid and try to avoid confrontation. Lover not a fighter. Read more

Pathfinders (update) and Book 2 – Sigil – Release Date

Pathfinders Aidan J ReidShipping paperback books to Colombia for proofreading is pricey.

For that reason, I’ve used a specialist to comb over every physical proof before finally hitting Publish, confirming the latest copy is fit for reader consumption.

Enter, Ma Reid.

Turns out that the most recent paperback copies had crowded text and the margins weren’t set correctly which made my paperback read more like a textbook. You give someone one job to do… Read more