Changing Covers – The Stubborn Version

EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, I released my first creation to the wild.

Pathfinders is a supernatural thriller with a sprinkling of science fiction. Panning two worlds, it explores this reality and the dream world through the phenomena of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, popularized most recently with the movie Inception. Read more

Book 2 – SIGIL – Released Today (plus Pathfinders promotion)


Six months in the making, my second book, SIGIL is released today.

It is a mystery thriller set in a small fictional village in Northern Ireland.

Featuring an unlikely hero in Catholic parish priest Tom Regan -an amateur sleuth – he could best be described as ‘Jack Preacher‘. Read more

Writing Competitions (How’s Your Luck?)

14880054656_d28b966781_zYou don’t need to search too hard to discover a range of writing competitions where budding authors can flaunt their literary wares.

Being Irish, I tend to glance every so often at what’s on the competition board of Another site which seems to rank highly is Christopher Fielden’s which showcases short-story competitions from all over the world into one (very long) page. Read more

How To Get An Amazon Top Reviewer To Review Your Book

pathfinders aidan j reid design for writersAs part of my promotional efforts for Pathfinders, I decided to contact Amazon Top Customer Reviewers to see if they would be interested in reviewing my book.

The reason? As a regular customer of Amazon, my purchasing decision is influenced by the strength of product reviews, and their source.

Some context for those who don’t know me. This was my first novel. Read more