Deflecting/Accepting Criticism

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY TIMES since the publication of my first book, fifteen months ago, that I’ve received feedback about my stories.

That has ranged from the almost orgasmic (“wonderful, evocative writing that haunted me upon finishing it.“) to the downright disgusted (“blasphemy…offensive to God.“). Read more

6 Months In: How Many Books Have I Sold?

My debut novel Pathfinders has been available to buy since March 1st 2016. A book that was a decade in the making, it was quickly followed by a second novel, Sigil and a short story, Spectrum.

In recent weeks I’ve had a number of comments from aspiring authors who are working on their own stories. In the interest of transparency and managing expectations, I wanted to declare my own stats – six months into my own journey as a self-published author. Read more

25 Amazingly Creative and Thought-Provoking Ads

ON MY PROFESSIONAL network news feed on Linkedin, I follow the popular group – Brilliant Ads. They share thought-provoking images used in marketing and sales which is a really amusing source of content.

I thought I’d share some of my favourites in recent months on this blog which readers might find interesting. Read more

Pathfinders (Chapter 1), Goodreads and Mopping Up

I UNDERESTIMATED THIS self-publishing gig.

Writing the damn thing ain’t enough. There’s also the ‘small’ matter of promoting it.

For a guy that spent a decade in sales, selling anything from mobile phones to stationery, from CRM packages to Training Software, you’d think this part would be a breeze.

Read more

Generating Traffic – An Experiment with Inbound Marketing

AttentionAfter the best year of my life travelling around Central and South America, the dream finally came to an end and I found new employment at an exciting American start-up in Dublin.

The company’s vision is closely aligned with my own as well as with my career aspirations.

For anyone who has been reading my early posts and motivation for creating this blog, they will know that I am an aspiring writer and wanted to use this platform to create interesting, compelling content, fun anecdotes and travel stories. Ultimately though, I want to use it as a resource to promote my future e-books and novels in 2015 and to that effect I’m excited by the idea of inbound marketing. Read more