The Struggle is the Juggle

THERE WAS A TIME not that long ago where I would wake up between 9 and 10 in the morning, grab my laptop and make the short walk in the blistering heat to the nearby mall.

Passing the smoothie bar to get my daily limonada de coco, I’d arrive at the coffee shop, park myself down in the corner directly under the cool fan and sit in that one spot for many hours until hunger drummed on my belly and said, “Um…buddy?Read more

Turning Back Time

Running Marathon Turn Back TimeI’ve only gone and bloody done it. Signed myself up to a marathon in September. Idiot.

It takes place in Medellin, where I currently live and falls on my birthday weekend. Not a bad idea to carbo load on cake the day before. Read more

Ummm…OK…Now What?

6151904410_f5135bce40_zI’VE BEEN IN a weird funk for the past week.

Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning (thanks Ma!), will know that one of the main motivators for its creation was that it would be a vehicle to promote my future books.

Zoom forward almost two years from my original blog post and I’ve fallen in love with blogging; content focusing on a range of topics from backpacking to book reviews, sales to salsa. Read more

10 Things I Miss About Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin

HAVING SPENT TWO of the last three years in South America, I found myself getting a bit nostalgic today about home.

Finally parking my backpack down in Medellin, Colombia I’ve decided to give this writing lark a proper go, with my first novel released in two weeks time (yikes!).

On one hand, I love writing and the creative process, giving birth to new novels and following my passion. Read more

Spanglish – An Eejit Abroad

Spanglish Humour Funny spanish englishIT’S VERY EASY to stay within your comfort zone in foreign countries.

Especially when you can speak enough of the language to get around.

I’m half way through my Colombia adventure, a third trip in two years. My first time on these shores was a backpacking trip through Central and South America.

I fell in love with Colombia, especially Medellin and came back for a Summer stint, and a short time later what is now my Winter retreat. Read more