A Life Less Ordinary

RAISED ON A DIET of American self-help books in my teens probably had something to do with my relative weirdness.

Tony Robbins had me believe I could walk through walls. Wayne Dyer convinced me that my limiting thoughts had created the wall. Richard Bandler made me doubt whether the walls even existed. Read more

Big, Scary Goals

You know the type.

Batshit crazy to others. Except you.
A goal that makes you pee your pants a little just thinking about it.
Something you’ve dreamt of all your life but kept hidden from others for fear of judgement or ridicule.
A goal so ambitious it looks impossible, given the current snapshot of your life. Read more

Interviews and Inspiration

To coincide with the release of my second book, Sigil – a thriller based in Ireland, I decided to contact several local newspapers to tell my story.

Two weeks ago, while still in Colombia, I spoke with a couple of reporters who decided to run with the story, taking the ‘Local Boy Done Good‘ angle. Read more

Book Goodies Interview

Pathfinders NovelI did an Author Interview with the team over at Book Goodies to explain my writing process, routines and inspiration.

Anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of an eternally optimistic and slightly unstable writer can find my guts spilled in the following link: Read more

The Wit and Wisdom of George Carlin

I only recently got into Carlin.

Watching youtube videos of some of his old performances, he had an inimitable way of telling the ugly, unvarnished truth about society in a way that you couldn’t help but laugh at.

How I never heard of him before is beyond me, regularly featuring in Top 100 lists of the best comedians of all time, usually trading top spot with Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks. Read more