Pathfinders is two! Discounted today.

THE FIRST BOOK that started my author career celebrates its second birthday today!

To celebrate, I’m dropping its price to 99 cents/p for the next couple of days.

If you’re looking for something a little bit wacky and original, then I’d suggest reading the opening chapters here to see if its for you. Read more

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book

WHILE THE KUDOS and respect from friends and colleagues is welcomed, it is relatively easy to turn over a book and make it available for release in the shop window of Amazon.

Truth is, anyone can hash up a book nowadays and sell it online. The litmus test is whether people actually buy it and how it is reviewed. Read more

PATHFINDERS – Available Now….for FREE

Pathfinders NovelI HATE SHAMELESS self-promotion, even when it is done in jest (Ricky Gervais anyone?).

For that reason, I’ll keep this post short and sweet and you’ll hear nothing more about my novel.

The short of it is, that a decade has elapsed since I wrote the opening chapter of my debut sci-fi/thriller PATHFINDERS. I finally completed it in the Summer of 2015. Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish A Book?

HOW LONG IS a piece of string?

The truth is, in a matter of hours you could throw something on Amazon and have it for sale virtually instantly to a global audience. The cost would be little more than a couple cups of coffee.

Low barriers to entry mean that many ‘entrepreneurs’ exploit this fact with book channels awash with wafer thin, ridiculously priced books, barely long enough for a blog post, let alone a novel. They are often poorly edited and rushed to the market in the hope of making a quick buck. Read more