Social Maps and Mental Health


But I really should have finished my next novel at this stage. I’m still applying the final brushstrokes and will announce a release date next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy. Honest! Read more

How Much Are You Willing To Lose?

How Much Are You Willing To Lose?When I was twenty-four years old I spent a summer travelling down the west coast of the US.

One of my final stops was Las Vegas.

I had never been to Vegas before. I wasn’t much of a gambler, but I had a few days to kill until my flight across to Boston and, having stretched my budget pretty well up until that point, decided to fritter away some money. Read more

Seed/Birth/Life of a Self-Published Novel

5022058073_fcc44de8bd_zOUTSIDE MY CLOSE circle of friends, people have reacted with surprise when I mention that I’ve written a book.

After the initial congratulations, I’m often asked what its about and what prompted me to write it.

Both questions are easy to answer. Read more

Voices that Nibble on your Soul

They first talked to me when I was twenty-one.

I had just finished University and while scrambling for a first job to make a dent in my student loan, stumbled into Sales.

Painfully shy and introverted, I was completely at odds with super salesmen around me who seemed to thrive off competition and stress, exuding confidence and swagger. Read more

The Voices Inside My-, Who Said That?

paranoia voices in head schizo writing novelsTHE PAST THREE months have been the most productive and creative of my life.

That might not be reflected on this little blog, but behind the scenes, and under the cover of the Colombian Sun, I’ve cranked up my writing.

Three books are in the pipeline for 2016. A lifelong goal of having something tangible in my hands that I’ve created and can share with others is something I’ve wanted since I was a wee boy. Read more