Entering The Void – My Experience Of Drinking Ayahuasca In Peru


Delighted to have been asked to guest post on The Irish Introvert blog today.

I discussed my experience of taking ayahuasca in Peru back in 2014.

Since then, I’ve toyed with the idea of trying the mind-bending hallucinogenic again. Perhaps this summer, I’ll grow a set and get myself back down there.

In the meantime, you can check out the article here – via Entering The Void- My Experience Of Drinking Ayahuasca In Peru.

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How a Peru Drug Experience Made Me Quit a Life of Partying – My Belfast Telegraph Article

I WROTE AN ARTICLE which featured in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday.

It is Northern Ireland‘s biggest newspaper and according to figures, is read daily by 174,000 people.

Pretty sensational headline, although considering the content, not completely surprising.

Goodbye respectable career! Read more

Ayahuasca – 1 Year Later (plus Q&A)

Pacha Mama from Lovefound.org

Hard to believe my little corner of the blogosphere is a year old.

What started as a convenient way to update the folks back home of my travel adventures in Central and South America, it has now grown legs of its own while my own two are now firmly fixed in the Emerald Isle again.

The most interesting episode and one which continues to draw most attention on my blog centres around my hallucinogenic jungle trip where I consumed the ancient herbal brew called ayahuasca. I’ve documented my entire experience at length in these two posts (1 and 2) with a follow up here some seven months later. Read more

Ayahuasca Retreat Centres

ayahuasca retreat centre
Etnikas Shamanic Retreat Centre near Cusco, Peru

Before parting with my cash I made sure to choose a reputable outfit for my ayahuasca retreat.

I’d encourage anyone else who is considering taking the ancient hallucinogen to conduct their own research to that end.

Many South American countries have accessibility to the sprawling Amazon jungle where the raw ingredients for Ayahuasca (or Yage) are procured. Read more