Ramping Up

IT’S BEEN A BUSY eight weeks since I quit my job.

I started a series called ‘The ROT Collection‘ which follows the exploits of a rogue tooth fairy who rips teeth out of kids mouths. It’s a dark comedy, and my plan is to release a new part every month. Read more

Inverting Bad Reviews

YESTERDAY WAS A LANDMARK occasion in my author adventure.

After 71 combined book reviews across Amazon and Goodreads I received my very first 1-star. Yay!

It isn’t all roses and rainbows once your book goes live. There are always critics – some valid, others…well – perhaps a little misguided in their assertions. Nevertheless, the great ‘democracy’ that is Amazon, empowering every member with a vote, ensures your voice will be heard. That is, of course, a good thing. Read more

Sigil – Available on Kindle for Free


My second book, Sigil – a mystery thriller set in a small fictional village in Ireland, is available to download for FREE from Amazon (for a limited time only).

You can read an extract here.

Here are the Amazon US and UK links. Also available in other territories.

It’s been free for 36 hours and has already reached #3 spot for its genre with over 400 downloads. Read more

That Difficult Second Book

devil worship sigil second bookThe writing of my first book spanned ten years, finally wrapping up the story in a hostel in Colombia in 2014.

My second book was started and finished within three months, manuscript returned from the editor on December 2015.

A third book was written in my ‘self-unemployed’ window of January – February 2016. In total, three books written to varying degrees of draft readiness, before I had even published the first.

Perhaps a little odd, but when I emigrated to Medellin I did so with the primary objective to work on my stories. Read more