Releasing ROT

THIS WEEKEND I launched the first part of what will be a collection of stories which I’ve called ‘ROT’.

It’s a dark comedy short story and has so far gotten really good reviews which I’m delighted about! It sure can feel like an echo chamber sometimes in the indie publishing world, so any feedback is great. Read more

Pathfinders (Chapter 1), Goodreads and Mopping Up

I UNDERESTIMATED THIS self-publishing gig.

Writing the damn thing ain’t enough. There’s also the ‘small’ matter of promoting it.

For a guy that spent a decade in sales, selling anything from mobile phones to stationery, from CRM packages to Training Software, you’d think this part would be a breeze.

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Do I Need an Editor? (A Gollum Conversation)

Gollum writing self publishing editorThe Short Version?


The Longer Version?

Competition is fierce for people’s attention today. Most of my friend’s reading habits extend as far as reading the back of a cereal packet, or scrolling through Buzzfeed articles on their phone.

Click-bait links. Updated Social Streams. Phone Apps.  Read more

If At First You Don’t Succeed…(Shhh!!!)

rejection thick skin selfpublishingIF THERE’S ONE thing I’ve learnt from a decade of working in Sales, it’s this:

Rejection is inevitable.

What you do with that rejection, is another thing altogether.

Like most aspiring authors I’ve got my fair share of rejection letters from publishers and agents. Nothing new there, but without any valuable, critical feedback it is incredibly difficult to know what you’re doing well and where you’re pissing against the wind. Read more