A Life Less Ordinary

RAISED ON A DIET of American self-help books in my teens probably had something to do with my relative weirdness.

Tony Robbins had me believe I could walk through walls. Wayne Dyer convinced me that my limiting thoughts had created the wall. Richard Bandler made me doubt whether the walls even existed. Read more

How To Be Teetotal Abroad (Without Being a Dry Shite)

It’s been eight months since I had me some booze.

I’ve been in Colombia for seven of those eight months. Living in a foreign country, with the many cultural differences, not least language issues, has been difficult. Throw into the mix that I initially didn’t know a soul here and you get the idea of how time can drag. Read more

100 Days of Sobriety

NORMALLY I DON’T LIKE to put time-frames on events.

It implies that you’re waiting for a future moment, some golden landmark where you can take stock and tell everyone how great you are and then sigh before looking at the next timed milestone, hoping you won’t lapse.

Nothing wrong with planning ahead but when a decision is made to quit alcohol for life, I prefer not to count in days or months. Read more

Equipping a Sober Shield

My January detox has come and gone with relative ease and it is with an unfamiliar clarity of thought I sit down and write this on a Sunday morning, free from a hangover.

A deeper part of me has also awakened from its dormant state and prompted me to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol which hasn’t really been under such scrutiny for a long time. Read more

Straight and Sober in a Gay Bar

http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25600000/This-is-why-all-women-wants-a-gay-friend-lgbt-25647595-279-320.jpgI’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to booze. It only takes me one drink to get drunk. Problem is, I don’t know if it’s the 10th or 11th that does it.

Since returning from my nine month holiday where I had the fright of my life, I’ve cut right back on my alcohol consumption. I had a rare night out recently in Dublin which was eye opening.

A friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen for a few months was in the City on a business trip and we decided to hit the town for a night out.

He is gay and been ‘out’ for a couple of years but hadn’t yet experienced the scene in Dublin so I decided to play tour guide and show him some of the sights. Read more