10 Things I Miss About Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin

HAVING SPENT TWO of the last three years in South America, I found myself getting a bit nostalgic today about home.

Finally parking my backpack down in Medellin, Colombia I’ve decided to give this writing lark a proper go, with my first novel released in two weeks time (yikes!).

On one hand, I love writing and the creative process, giving birth to new novels and following my passion. Read more

14 Countries, 14 Months defined in 14 Photos – A Snapshot of Central and South America

Tulum, Mexico – Most Beautiful Beaches I’ve ever seen!

CUMULATIVELY, I’VE SPENT fourteen months in Central and South America.

Sifting through some old photos since 2013, I got a little bit nostalgic.

I’m still in Colombia (Medellin) so it’s not all doom and gloom! I felt it would be nice idea to share only one (!) photo, a memorable moment in each country in Central and South America that I was fortunate enough to visit. Read more

Spanglish – An Eejit Abroad

Spanglish Humour Funny spanish englishIT’S VERY EASY to stay within your comfort zone in foreign countries.

Especially when you can speak enough of the language to get around.

I’m half way through my Colombia adventure, a third trip in two years. My first time on these shores was a backpacking trip through Central and South America.

I fell in love with Colombia, especially Medellin and came back for a Summer stint, and a short time later what is now my Winter retreat. Read more

The Joy of Solo Travel

Colombian Rainforest Solo Travel
Gazing out at Colombian Rainforest

I’VE BEEN BLESSED to have spent a combined total of three years in the last decade backpacking and travelling through 25 countries across 4 continents.

My first foray abroad without parents was as a painfully shy teenager at the tender age of 17 to the Balearic island of Ibiza in the late ’90s.

My buddy and I were virginal lambs to the slaughter for two weeks in the hedonistic island infamously spawning the Sky One Ibiza Uncovered TV show which helped propel the new breed of fly-on-the wall reality shows that continue to pollute our screens in the Jersey/Geordie Shore format. Read more